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Aux One was commissioned to create a concept brand for a group of investors looking to break into the natural products market.

Our mission was to create a brand strategy from the ground up that captured their ideal customers through communication, imagery, and product design.

I ran collaborative work sessions led by a facilitator to gain deep understanding of their brand. This approach accelerates the strategic process in general, and built consensus throughout the entire engagement.

The Mission

We designed MEVA's brand strategy from the ground up. The mission and goals of this project was to create a brand that captured the active lifestyle market within the natural products industry. We needed brand communication that spoke to the ideal customer but also have a visual style that created personality and culture within our niche industry.

The Outcome

What the client liked the most was the brand's identity. We took the story of our strategy and it's products and incorporated a secret key into the logo to express their mission of delivering rare natural products for health. Our brand strategy process accelerated the development process and delivered a products design that captured our ideal customers through communication, imagery, and design.


MEVA™ was designed with the active lifestyle in mind. Because we’re active individuals that play hard, we know you need products that can keep up, without compromising your health.

We believe plant-based products can be even better with more research, dedication, and a whole lotta love. We know you want more products that work with your body and its natural biology, and we believe nature has the power to do it.


Meva™ is from San Diego California and we stand behind every product we make and require that everything we offer lives up to our promise of providing simpler, organic, and sustainable products. MEVA™ is here to make our customers lives better in meaningful ways. Stay active the MEVA™ way!  These are the values we stand by:

Do no harm - Keep it organic & keep it safe, no compromising
Keep it simple - Clean labels, real ingredients, wholesome nutrition
Backed by science - Cutting-edge technology for true efficacy
Make active life better - Every day solutions to keep you moving





The Impact

Going through the brand strategy process got us closer to understanding their ideal customers and what they are looking for. What we found was a niche group of customers in the active lifestyle market seeking natural products to enhance their performance. In our efforts we met our goals of creating a cohesive brand that connected to our ideal audience through communication, imagery & design.


- Brand Strategy
- Logo Identity
- Creative Direction
- Messaging
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