What is strategy development?

Learning to develop strategy for growth needs to start with your mindset before you even consider fancy tools and tactics.

Steve Lindgren
April 2, 2018

Strategy is good, strategy is wise, and it will become your best friend.

Learning to develop strategy for growth needs to start with your mindset before you even consider fancy tools and tactics.

The key to changing that mindset is asking 3 questions about everything your audience or customer will experience from your brand.

1. Who is going to be consuming/receiving this?

2. Where or how will they be receiving it?

3. Why do you think they need it / does it provide value?

Here is an example. I recently had a client with an idea for some marketing material. Great, no problem. Before I could ask him my 3 magic questions, he sent me the content and design ideas. Often I have to pull on the reigns a bit in order to get to those questions. In this case, I am encouraging a new mindset about strategy by continually asking my customer these same questions. If you can learn that for yourself, you and your business will be ahead of the game.

But, I am not naive about business owners and entrepreneurs. I am one! I’ve worked with enough of them to know that their minds go a thousand miles a minute, and more often than not, they do not stop to ask strategy questions.

Does that sound like something you have done before?

Another example is when a business owner observes something another business is doing, and decides it looks like a good idea for their business. And, sometimes, it leads to really good ideas. However, more often than not, it falls flat and time and money are wasted.

Ever wonder why that happens? It’s because your business, story, product, and audience are specific and defined whether or not you can see it. And unless that other business is a replica of yours, their tactics probably won’t work for you.

When you develop a strategy based on your business, story, product and audience, you get a filter to pass every decision through. For example, do you really need a newsletter? You might say everyone and their mom sends out a newsletter so that means you should too. But I might ask, why do you think you need it? Does your customer find value in it? Do you deliver any value? Is your audience even interested in reading another email? If in asking these questions, you discover your customers want to read your newsletter then you know you have a captive audience waiting for you. That is gold! If you find that they think newsletters are just general mailbox clutter, then you know you don’t need to waste your time. The newsletter will then become a part of or dissolve from your strategy.

Having a strategy and a strategic mindset saves you time, effort, and money. It changes the way you view marketing material, growth milestones, and setting goals. You will learn to ask the right questions before blindly trying angles and marketing tricks for growth. You will know what is right for your business, and you will learn how to adapt and grow with the needs of your customers.

Steve Lindgren
Steve Lindgren is a Brand Specialist & UX Designer based in San Diego. His passion is to build brand experiences that educate, engage, and inspire.

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