Know your why, get more sales.

Consumers don’t buy products, they buy stories. They buy the story behind your product.

Steve Lindgren
March 22, 2018

Why does your company exist?

This is a question I ask every single Aux One client, and rarely do I get a clear answer. My experience reveals that entrepreneurs generally spend more time thinking about how to get their products on shelves than they do clarifying who they are.

And knowing your “why” as a company is imperative to doing marketing right.

How clarity creates customers.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years, you’ve noticed that the marketing world has changed. Consumers don’t buy products, they buy stories. They buy the story behind your product.

What story are you telling?

Sure it is important to relay the inherent benefits of your product, and it should not be neglected. But in our industry, your product is not likely sitting on a shelf next to Doritos. It’s sitting next to other healthy options. And one of the main ingredients to standing out is your company story.

Being clear on who you are, what you stand for, and why you exist will form a foundation for the rest of your marketing. It will help you clarify and identify the real value you are bringing to the market.

I am not saying it is impossible to make sales other ways or through other avenues. What I am saying is if you want win your market and build a loyal customer base, you must have clarity about who you are and what value you bring to the market.

So, where should you start?

Steps to uncovering your story.

If you’ve read this far and you can more or less put your “why” into words, then I would ask you “so what?”

For example, if your why is: “Make America healthy, one bar at a time.”

I would ask, “So what?” or “Why do you care?” Not to be an ass, but to try to get you to pull from the real root of that statement. Chances are there is a deeper meaning and deeper story sitting in there, and if there isn’t, then it’s not the right message for your company.

Here are your 5 steps to get started or restart:

1. Ask yourself and your team the tough questions. Ask “So what?” about everything.2. Create or rewrite your mission statement based on what you discover from step one.3. Select and define your values. (It helps if you give them an image or icon)4. Rewrite everything in simpler terms.

5. Let everything you decide here guide each decision from here on out. Your why and purpose help drive your story.

If it is an easy process, then you probably aren’t doing it right.

Steve Lindgren
Steve Lindgren is a Brand Specialist & UX Designer based in San Diego. His passion is to build brand experiences that educate, engage, and inspire.

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